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Dieses Projekt entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit der fantastischen Patricia Nicklisch.

Dies war mein allererster KD-Kurs, ich entschied mich dafürweil mich das Thema so sehr interessierte: Vivienne Westwood, eine ziemlich coole Frau. Da ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt kaum Regeln kannte, konnte ich mich frei bewegen und fand durch genau diese Freiheit auch die Liebe zum Kommunikationsdesign.

Entstanden sind ein Magazin und drei Plakate zu den drei Schlechtigkeiten der Welt, die Vivienne Westwood - inspiriert von Aldous Huxley - in ihr Manifest übernahm und seither anfechtet. Dies ist also die von einer Inspiration inspirierte Inspiration.

Das Magazin


Die Plakatreihe

Nationalistic Idolatry

Nationalism is immensely popular because it is psychologically satisfying to individual nationalists. Every nationalism is an idolatrous religion, in which the god is the personified state, represented in many instances by a more or less deified king or dictator. Nationalistic Idolatry often results in war,

it is very destructive. In our nationalistic world it is important to stand up for what is right and build a strong social communitiy. We have to declare solidarity and fight the ignorance with knowledge, action and kindness. As an active society we can change the system from the bottom up, for a world full of hope.

Organised Lying

Official, organised lying from the mainstream media is a net or web wrapped around the whole world.Information and opinion based on real facts has trouble getting through Information dominance means, lies stay at the top and true facts are buried.

The organised lying is enabled because big Industries rule our world. They pack lies in beautiful packages and sell them to us. As a community it is our duty to inform ourselves about what effects a certain product has on the economy and our environment. We as costumers can change a lot by taking responsibility and choosing ethical and sustainable products.

Non-Stop Distraction

It is the greatest evil of them all. We are constantly bombarded with information, this diverts us from thinking, so our brain will absorb anything that we are exposed to. We are consumers, passively absorbing information. Non-stop distractions such as television, radio and social media are deliberately used as instruments of policy, for the purpose of preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation. The opposite of this, is delight in being alone and the discipline of following a deep interest. It takes you away from consumerism and grants control. It is important to stay curious and broaden our awareness.

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